Packing & Crating

Packing & Crating Fine Art is an Art Form in Itself

At Armstrong Fine Art Services, our strict, time-tested methods are used for the planning, packing, crating and handling of all items to ensure their stability and safety offering our clients complete peace of mind whilst in transit.

At Armstrong we treat all works of art as equal value, and each piece is handled with extreme care.

  • Our facility is (CWPCP) Canadian Wood Packaging Certification Program approved and all of the wood we use is ISPM-15 approved
  • All of the wood we use is ISPM-15 approved
  • Provision of one-way crates
  • Museum & Gallery quality crates
  • Custom crates made to order
  • Travel frames
  • On-site, purpose-built case making workshop
  • Learn more about our transportation services
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All packing materials for fine art objects should be acid-free, and chemically inert.

The method of packing and the packing materials selected will depend on factors such as:
• The material(s) the object is made from
• The condition of the object
• The size, shape and weight of the object
• The environment in which it is kept
• How long the object will stay in the packaging