Are your Trucks Temperature Controlled?
Yes, the cargo box of our trucks and trailers are temperature controlled using refrigeration units in the summer and heating units in the winter. We always aim to maintain a temperature of 21 degrees Celsius.
Does your facility have temperature and humidity control?
Yes, our storage facility is fully climate-controlled and climate-stable. We store all artworks at ideal temperatures of 20-22°C, with 50-55% air humidity to prevent humidity damage. Our guarantee is optimal storage conditions, with utmost stability and the highest standard of preservation to promote the longevity and survival of artworks throughout generations in history.
How do you bill for fine art storage?
At Armstrong, we work with our clients to create custom solutions for their unique collections. our typical storage billing terms are either monthly or quarterly but we can customize our billing terms to best suit your needs.
Why should I use fine art services to ship or store my art collection?

For many, art collections are an investment. Utilizing fine art services to ensure the safe transport and storage of your art collection is an important part of caring for your investment. At Armstrong, we have the experience & equipment to protect your collection from loss, theft, damage, fire & flood.