Art Logistics for Museums

Supporting Premier Art Institutions

Armstrong provides full logistics support to museums for both permanent and traveling collections. We help museums undertake the hard work of preserving artworks throughout history through our specialized art logistics solution. As artists first, we treat our logistics processes like a craft — seamless handling, installation, crating, transportation, and storage of vast, centuries-old collections of the world’s greatest treasures.

From packing and crating, secure storage, and international transport, to disaster recovery, the Armstrong guarantee is expert handling and safety at every step of the process.

  • International Transportation

    Armstrong guarantees fast and fully secure transport around the globe. Our transport trucks are modified for art transportation, and feature a climate-stable environment.

    We also coordinate seamless multimodal air, sea, freight, and courier service international transport to support traveling exhibitions. Acquire new pieces and debut collections with utmost confidence and guaranteed fully compliant customs brokerage.

  • Climate-Controlled Storage

    The Armstrong art storage facility is best in-class — clean, climate-controlled, and fully secure. We offer both shared vertical racking and dedicated private vault storage. Our storage solution is designed to complement in-house museum storage, providing short-term and long-term options, as well as ample space for retired exhibits.

  • Packing and Crating

    Armstrong art technicians are highly trained and experienced in packing and crating fine art for maximum protection and safety. We use the highest quality packaging materials and industry-leading packing techniques to secure every piece for storage and transport.

  • Collections Management

    Our strict inventory protocol provides a full view of every piece across vast collections of artworks and antiquities. We help curators identify the provenance, medium, origins, and special characteristics of every piece, and coordinate appraisals and restorations. Our technicians install every exhibit with utmost care and precision, and ensure optimal display, storage, and transport across locations.

  • Disaster Recovery

    At Armstrong, our ultimate mission is to protect the world’s fine art, especially in the face of devastating disasters. We developed RACE — Response to Act for Cultural Evacuation, a specialized protocol for recovering artworks from fires, flooding, electric failures, and other emergencies.

    Our art technicians are ready to respond 24/7. We execute each museum’s tailored emergency response plan, and work with first responders to ensure that each piece is recovered safely.

Our Logistics Process

Designed for Museums

  1. Consultation: Our art consultants work with museum curators to determine logistics needs and tailor a logistics plan for managing permanent and traveling collections. We offer a comprehensive logistics service for new acquisitions, debut collections, and transport across exhibition locations.

  2. Inventory: We run a comprehensive inventory of all artworks and antiquities in museum collections. We catalog every piece according to collection, style, period, and artist, and identify key details like provenance, medium, and dimension. Our art consultants and technicians ensure that each piece is properly endorsed for packing, storage, transportation, or installation.

  3. Execution: Armstrong offers complete project management and execution. Our art consultants and technicians handle every detail of packing, storage, transport, installation, and disaster recovery. Our guarantee is a completely hands-free collection management and full logistics capabilities.