Armstrong Fine Art Services

Artists. Logistics Leaders. Global Connections.

  • We Are Artists First

    Our art technicians are skilled artists who are passionate about preserving art, and sharing these to the world sustainably, through generations.

  • Uniquely Crafted Art Logistics

    We combined our love of art with industry-leading logistics expertise — a unique combination of skills, experience, and dedication to share, mount, and bring the world’s art all over the globe.

  • The Armstrong Group

    As part of the Armstrong Group of Companies, we trace our logistics expertise to over 40 years of professional experience in handling, storing, installing, and transporting fine art, antiques, and antiquities across the globe.

Global Industry Partnerships

Bringing Art Around the World

Our global leadership in art logistics is made possible by our long-term industry partnerships. Armstrong is a proud member of United Van Lines, FIDI, and Harmony. Together, we are committed to a positive client experience made possible by safe and reliable handling and transportation of high-value collections no matter where in the world.

The Armstrong Promise

Art Logistics, Guaranteed

Armstrong Fine Arts Services is committed to excellence in art logistics. Our promise is a seamless and positive experience for the curators and collectors who trust us to handle, store, and transport their most valuable collections, and preserve these for future generations.

See how we take care of your prized collections:

  • State-of-the-art storage: Our storage facility is best in-class, complete with climate control, solo vaults, 24/7 security and biometric access control, and fire monitoring and early suppression systems. Our promise is safety and security first.

  • Client experience: Our team of professional technicians, customer service representatives, handlers, and transport partners are all client-focused. Led by artists with a unique expertise in art logistics, Armstrong is fully committed to hands-free handling, storage, installation, and transportation.

  • Specialized transportation: Our transport solutions are strictly for fine art. Our guarantee is exclusive access — we do not co-load art with general commodities. Our commitment to art-only transportation ensures the stability and safety of these high-value goods.

  • Sponsorships: As artists and art patrons ourselves, we have sponsored traveling exhibitions. We share your passion for bringing art to audiences all over the globe, and enable this through our unique art logistics solutions.

  • Social responsibility: Alongside our work in handling, storage, and transportation of priceless artefacts and historic paintings, we also support the local art community. Working with ArtWorks for Cancer, we bring art to hospitals and brighten up treatment units, in effect enriching the lives of those in our communities.

Who We Serve

Art Logistics for Museums, Galleries, and Collectors

Armstrong Fine Arts Services is trusted by museums, galleries, and collectors in Canada and around the world. We offer tailored logistics solutions for handling, storing, and transporting priceless pieces and entire collections, and ensure that art is shared safely and sustainably.

  • Museums: We offer collection management of both permanent and traveling collections, along with handling, installation, and crating. We help museums maintain pieces on display, acquire new collections, and host their debut.

  • Galleries: Armstrong helps galleries with efficient collections management, handling and installation, and transportation between industry partners and to private collectors.

  • Exhibits: We provide specialized international transport and expert handling to ensure the safety and stability of precious artworks throughout their display.

  • Private Collectors: We help private collectors preserve their legacy through seamless storage, handling, and transportation. We also provide access to viewing rooms for private viewing, inspection, and restoration. Acquire new pieces and manage your collection with ease for generations to come.