Quality Components

Excellence in Art Logistics

We built Armstrong Fine Art Services on three core components: cross-sector world-class logistics expertise, a state-of-the-art facility, and a commitment to safety, stability, and sustainability. Our promise is excellence in fine art handling, storage, transportation, and disaster recovery — the conservation of the world’s rarest, most valuable treasures for generations to come.

  • Expert Handling

    Armstrong Fine Art Services is led by artists and logistics experts. Our combined expertise provides us with industry-leading tools and techniques in fine art handling, from packing and crating, to transportation, installation, storage, and seamless collection management. Through decades of logistics leadership and trusted partnerships with the leaders of the art community, we have installed countless exhibits within Canada and around the world.

  • Best In-Class Art Facility

    Armstrong operates a state-of-the-art storage and production facility. Our full logistics capability spans high-value and climate-stable storage; packing, crating, and custom-fabrication in our case-making workshop; and inventory, authentication, restoration, and collection management. The Armstrong art facility is built for full art logistics capabilities at par with world-class museum and gallery standards.

  • Seamless Handling and Transport

    At Armstrong, our commitment is a safe and seamless logistics process. Beyond coordinating fully secure and stable multimodal transport, we accompany every piece throughout every mile of the journey, and limit handling only to certified Armstrong art technicians. We also verify that each shipment meets customs compliance standards, and provide brokerage services to facilitate fast clearance, and on-schedule exhibitions.Sustainable Logistics

Our International Partners

World-Class Expertise

At Armstrong, we are commited to providing world-class art logistics at a global reach.

Through a global network of trusted logistics partners, we can seamlessly facilitate worldwide art handling and transportation, backed by strictly audited, high-standard quality assurance protocols. Store, transport, and install exhibits and the most valuable collections worldwide, with confidence.