Collection Management Services

Trusted by Curators and Collectors

Our team of art consultants and technicians have combined their passion for art and preserving these artefacts into a world-renowned logistics solution.

At the core of our work is a vast knowledge of fine art history, curatorial principles, and technological expertise. From identifying the provenance of an artwork, to managing an inventory of permanent collections, pieces on loan, and acquisitions, and installing displays, our promise is a seamless, fully accountable system that keeps exhibitions on track, and prized safe and well-preserved.

  • Inventory Management

    We use a strict, fully accountable inventory protocol for identifying, cataloguing, and tracking every piece across vast museum, gallery, and personal collections. Our guarantee is full transparency, allowing curators and collectors to track the value, location, exhibition details, and other key information regarding each item whether in storage, on display, or in transit.

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  • Project Management

    Acquiring new pieces, loaning artefacts, or relocating collections? The Armstrong guarantee is hands-free collection management. Our art logistics experts manage the entire scope of your project, whether local or international. Our project managers offer professional support across global time zones, in multiple languages, and ensure complete turn-key transport, installation, and storage.

  • Relocations and Renovations

    Armstrong’s project managers, art consultants, and technicians work with museums, galleries, and collectors during relocations and renovations. We handle your entire collection to ensure a seamless transition between locations and all the way to completed renovations.

  • Appraisals, Conservation, and Estate Management

    We built a dynamic collection management solution that goes beyond inventory and tracking, and includes expert assistance in commissioning appraisals, photographic documentation, restoration, and auction and estate management.

    Our project managers commission these services on your behalf, and ensure that each piece is properly documented, accurately valued, restored to excellent condition, and seamlessly acquired in auctions and estate clearings. Our promise is a fast, fully secure way to update, manage, value, and build up your collection — without the nitty gritty of details.

  • Installation

    The Armstrong guarantee is turn-key project management, from identification and inventory, to installation of every piece of artwork we handle. Our team of professional art technicians are highly trained and fully equipped to install artworks in a variety of settings, across museums, galleries, and private libraries. We manage every aspect of the project, including coordinating with trusted vendors, to installing artworks of any size and format in the most prestigious locations.

Collection Management Made Easy

The Armstrong Way

  1. Consultation: Armstrong art consultants are well-versed in the collection management requirements of museums, galleries, and private collectors. We tailor our collection management solutions to the scope of your project.

  2. Inventory: We run a comprehensive inventory of all the artworks in your collection. Our art consultants identify the provenance, medium, dimensions, and special characteristics of each piece, and upload these to our accessible inventory and tracking platform complete with a client portal.

  3. Execution: We execute the full scope of your project, including taking inventory and tracking new acquisitions throughout transportation and storage, coordinating appraisals and restoration, and installation of new exhibits. Our guarantee is seamless, comprehensive project management down to the details.