Art Transportation

Local, National, and International Transport

At Armstrong Fine Art Services, we provide world-class logistics support to help museums, galleries, and private collectors share and preserve art safely and sustainably.

From acquiring new pieces, to returning loaned artworks, and unveiling new collections, our promise is an exclusive, specialized art transport. Our transportation solutions are trusted by countless curators and collectors, and meet the highest museum and gallery standards worldwide. Trust our safe, reliable, and cost-effective art transport service to secure the world’s most beloved treasures.

  • Permanent Collections and Traveling Exhibitions

    Our art technicians tailor transport solutions according to the management requirements of permanent collections and traveling exhibitions. Our guarantee is seamless art transportation to ensure a fast delivery of every crate between museums and galleries – worldwide.

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  • Tracking

    Our transportation guarantee is full transparency and accountability. Track your shipments throughout the logistics process. Our specialized transport trucks are designed solely for art, without co-loading of general commodities, and equipped with GPS tracking.

  • Courier Assistance and Security

    Every Armstrong shipment travels with highly trained and trusted art technicians and security personnel. They provide on-site courier assistance to protect valuable artworks throughout every mile of the journey, manage loading and unloading, and ensure that handling requirements are met.

  • Customs Brokerage

    Our customs brokerage services are made possible by strategic partnerships through which we can facilitate the fast screening of closed crates and a reduced risk of potential delays and damage arising from physical inspections. From consultation to packaging and transport, we ensure customs compliance to avoid penalties and delays.

  • Packing and Crating

    Art transportation starts with proper packing and crating. Our art technicians are highly trained in industry standards and trends, and use only the highest quality packaging materials and proven packing techniques. Our well-crafted approach to packing and crating ensure the safety and stability of precious artworks, and compliance with regulations.

Multimodal Transport Solutions

Pathways to Art and the Art Community

Armstrong offers a variety of cost-effective local, national, and international transportation solutions for delivering valued collections exactly where they need to go.

  • Heavy and specialist cargo: Transportation of large-format works, with special attention to custom dimensions, materials, and other special characteristics.

  • Road: Sole-use, specialized art transport trucks equipped with climate control, GPS tracking, and air-ride suspension.

  • Air and sea: Art transport through our dedicated international carriers and forwarders, complete with airport supervision and airside access

  • Courier services: Advanced booking and exclusive access to safe and reliable courier services and hand-carry assistance as required.

Temperature-Controlled Transportation & Storage

Did You Know?

Armstrong Fine Art Services can provide temperature-controlled transportation & storage solutions for your wine collection.

Our white-glove service ensures the highest level of care and attention to detail. This includes custom crating, climate-controlled transport, and even on-site installation at the destination. It’s a comprehensive solution for clients who seek the utmost precision in handling and transporting their artwork.

While we recommend booking in advance to secure availability, we understand emergencies or time-sensitive situations may arise. Contact our customer service, and we’ll do our best to accommodate your last-minute art transportation needs, providing a swift and efficient solution.

For oversized or uniquely shaped artworks, we design custom packaging and crating solutions. Our team assesses the dimensions and intricacies of each piece to create a tailored transportation plan, ensuring the safe and secure transit of even the most challenging artworks.

Our team recognizes the unique challenges posed by fragile artworks. We employ custom packaging solutions, such as cushioning materials, padding, and specialized crates designed to provide maximum