Our Industry Solutions

Tailored Art Logistics Expertise

At Armstrong, we have developed a keen understanding of the different goals of, and communities served by national museums, niche galleries, and the most coveted private collections. See how we cultivate relationships with stewards of the art community:

  • Museums

    Armstrong is proud to support the most renowned, historical museums — including the Art Gallery of Ontario, the Royal Ontario Museum, the Aga Khan Museum, and more in Canada and around the world. We help museums manage their permanent and traveling collections, install new pieces, pack and crate exhibits for storage and transport, and implement a disaster recovery plan to protect the most precious artefacts and pieces of history.

  • Galleries

    Armstrong supports galleries in successfully representing artists, and curating niche collections according to the style and period they specialize in. Our full logistics solution includes collections management for a seamless inventory and project management, as well as specialized handling, packing, and crating, storage, and transport of new acquisitions, pieces on loan, and special exhibitions.

  • Exhibits

    We take art on the move and closer to both local and worldwide audiences. Armstrong helps artists and curators reach various communities with special traveling exhibits. We offer secure, multimodal international transport, packing and crating, and installation across multiple exhibit locations within Canada and all over the globe.

  • Private Collectors

    Preserve your legacy, pieces of family history, and valuable assets. Armstrong offers a premium art logistics service to private collectors — generations of families, art patrons, and various institutions curating privately owned paintings, photographs, antiques, and other fine art collections. We tailor our logistics solution to individual collectors, and offer a completely secure, hands-free way to track and store pieces, host auctions and clear estates, and install displays in homes and offices.

Tailored Art Logistics Support

Built by Artists for Art Industries

From handling and packing, to transport and storage, you can trust our art technicians to handle every piece of artwork with care. For us, logistics is just as much an art form — there is beauty in the flawless execution of every installation, packing and crating, transportation, and storage of the world’s greatest treasures. Discover our tailored logistics solution for every member of the art community:

  • International Transportation

    Armstrong art technicians are transportation experts. We prepare and transport countless crates of valuable artworks and antiquities across museums locally, coast-to-coast in Canada, and across the globe. With Armstrong, every piece is handled with care at every mile of the journey.

  • Climate-Controlled Storage

    Armstrong operates a state-of-the-art storage facility, complete with shared vertical racking and dedicated storage vaults. Our facility is best in-class, fully equipped with smart climate control, biometric access-controlled vaults, 24/7 CCTV monitoring, and early fire suppression.

  • Packing and Crating

    Protect every piece of artwork, and handle it with care. Armstrong offers a world-class packing and crating service in support of transportation and storage needs. Our art technicians are trained in specialized handling and packing techniques for both small and large-format pieces, and centuries-old fragile antiquities.

  • Collections Management

    The Armstrong promise is full transparency and accountability at every stage of project management. We manage vast inventories of permanent, traveling, and private collections, and offer expert assistance in coordinating appraisals and restoration work.

  • Disaster Recovery

    At Armstrong, we developed RACE — Response to Act for Cultural Evacuation, a fast, proven protocol for recovering and securing the most valuable artwork in the face of devastating tragedies.