Armstrong’s Customized Art Packing and Crating Services

Handled with Care and Precision

The world’s greatest treasures deserve only the best protection. Our team of art consultants and fine art technicians are artists first — we understand dimensions, provenance, and special characteristics, and we are dedicated to securing these defining features of every piece of artwork we handle. Our guarantee is a seamless, hands-free experience in packing and crating for transport or storage.

Discover time-tested art packing and shipping services by Armstrong — and custom solutions for every project:

  • Bespoke Art Packaging & Shipping

    Armstrong offers high-quality packaging designed specifically to protect artworks during transportation, and for storage. Our fine art technicians assess every piece across vast collections, and take note of its dimensions, materials, and special characteristics.

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  • Custom Package Sizes

    Our art technicians are highly trained in the varying sizes and dimensions of different artworks. From small canvases and artefacts, to large-format and three-dimensional installations, our art technicians are fully capable of packing and crating these items for utmost safety and stability.

  • Individualized Packaging

    At Armstrong, we are artists and craftspeople with unique logistics expertise. We offer a wide range of packaging solutions to accommodate every type and size of artwork and artefact.

  • In-House Production

    Armstrong Fine Arts Services is a one-stop destination for all your art logistics needs. We handle the entire logistics process hands-on and fully in-house in our purpose-built casemaking workshop.

Certified Packing and Crating Experts

The Armstrong Difference

Armstrong Fine Arts Services is fully equipped to pack and crate all types of artworks, and support curators and collectors throughout the acquisitions process. Our individualized approach to packing and crating guarantees maximum protection tailored to the handling specifications of every artefact.

See what makes us uniquely Armstrong — an international art logistics leader:

  • CWPCP certified:

    Armstrong’s art storage and production facility is Canadian Wood Packaging Certification Program (CWPCP) certified. The packing and crating wood we use is ISPM-15 approved and safe for fine art.

  • Museum and gallery quality:

    Our art logistics experts and technicians are artists first, and are fully committed to the preservation of the most valuable artworks. With in-house production, our guarantee is museum- and gallery-quality crates for utmost stability.

  • Custom crates for fine art:

    Our art technicians provide all your packing, crating and shipping needs, including one-way and custom crates to best suit your handling, transport, and storage requirements.

  • Travel frame for fine art:

    At our one-site, purpose-built case-making workshop, we also craft and offer travel frames to support unique transport and display requirements.

Art Packing & Crating Services

Did You Know?
All packing materials for fine art objects should be acid-free, and chemically inert.

The method of packing and the packing materials selected will depend on factors such as:

  • The material(s) the object is made from
  • The condition of the object
  • The size, shape and weight of the object
  • The environment in which it is kept
  • How long the object will stay in the packaging