Art Logistics for Private Collectors

A Legacy Secured with Armstrong

Armstrong Fine Art Services is proud to support the stewards of the art community. In our decades of experience, we have cultivated trusted relationships with some of the most esteemed fine art collectors, museum patrons, and private institutions. We help collectors acquire, house, and preserve historic and modern paintings, photographs, sculptures, and installations. Armstrong provides a complete logistics solution for managing these priceless collections with state-of-the-art handling, storage, and transport.

See how:

  • International Transportation

    Armstrong provides a seamless, stress-free transportation and importing solution for private art collectors. Our art consultants and technicians support the entire acquisition process, starting with fast and secure transportation across cities and coast-to-coast in Canada, and around the world.

  • Climate-Controlled Storage

    To preserve fine art and its legacy, collectors need space to house, display, and secure priceless collections. With optimal storage at our best in-class facility, these valuable antiquities remain stable, flourish in value, and fend off the threat of deterioration and total ruin.

    Rest assured knowing your artwork is safe with shared vertical racking and dedicated private vaults, 24/7 CCTV camera monitoring, early fire suppression systems, and biometric access control. Our climate-stable facility is equipped with smart climate control to preserve the most delicate fine art through decades.

  • Packing and Crating

    Our art facility is equipped with an in-house production system for packing and crating all types and sizes of artworks. We ensure secure storage and transportation using the highest quality packaging materials and specialized art packing techniques.

  • Collection Management

    At Armstrong, our guarantee is hands-free, professional collection management — from acquisition and identification, to installation and storage. We catalog and preserve every item in your collection using an up-to-date inventory system for cataloging provenance, medium, dimensions, style and period, and other special characteristics.

  • Disaster Recovery

    For utmost peace of mind and conservation, we developed RACE (Response to Act for Cultural Evacuation). RACE is a cutting-edge protocol for recovering artworks in the face of fires, flooding, electric failures, and other devastating disasters. With RACE, Armstrong art technicians arrive first on the scene, no matter when emergency strikes. We respond 24/7, and coordinate with first responders to ensure a fast and safe recovery.