Travelling exhibtions

Curated Collections

Armstrong is your exhibit partner. We have spent decades cultivating trusted partnerships with the most innovative and respected curators, collectors, and artists pushing the boundaries of art. Our team of art consultants and technicians will develop an industry leading logistic solution for your exhibition.

See how we exhibit the most anticipated collections:

  • International Transportation

    Armstrong is fully equipped to bring art, artists, and precious collections around the world. We operate transport trucks modified for art transportation, complete with a climate-stable environment. For longer journeys of the most anticipated traveling exhibits, we coordinate every mile of multimodal sea, air, freight, and courier service transport.

  • Climate-Controlled Storage

    At Armstrong, we understand the unique requirements of exhibit curators, including securing collections throughout rotations of planned exhibits. We offer a fully secure storage solution, complete with smart climate control, to house all your exhibits following local and international events.

  • Packing and Crating

    We pack and crate valuable artwork in-house for maximum protection during their journeys, and to retain the integrity of their condition, medium, and any other special characteristics. Our production facility is fully equipped to custom-fabricate high-quality crates and interior supports for artworks of all types and sizes, including large format works and delicate 3D installations.

  • Collections Management

    At Armstrong, we are artists and curators first. We share your passion for telling compelling stories through carefully selected exhibits, and bringing these to local and worldwide audiences. We offer a seamless way to manage traveling collections, track acquisitions, and mount every once-in-a-lifetime exhibition after another.

  • Disaster Recovery

    Our disaster recovery protocol, RACE (Response to Act for Cultural Evacuation), allows us to quickly and safely recover the most precious artworks and artefacts in case of any emergency. We continuously tailor and update emergency response plans for each exhibit location, taking into account the architecture, construction, and exits of different venues.