What We Transport

World-Class Art. World-Class Logistics.

Armstrong facilitates a seamless transportation of artworks, antiques, and antiquities beyond borders, and across oceans and continents. We help curators and collectors acquire, ship, and install pieces of history in every painting, iconic sculpture, and exhibit.

See what we move:

  • Artworks: We pack and crate paintings, photographs, sculptures, installations, and other types of artwork individually for maximum security and stability in transport.

  • Antiques: Our art technicians handle heirlooms, collections, and other antiques with utmost care to prevent deterioration and loss of these precious, fragile items.

  • Antiquities: We keep rare artefacts, historical objects, and other remnants of ancient times safe and stable throughout transport to prevent total ruin and loss of history.

  • Large format museum items: With in-house production capabilities, we custom-fabricate crates for iconic statues, sweeping frescoes, and installations, and other large-format artworks and antiquities, fitted to their exact dimensions and special characteristics.

  • Collections: Our art technicians catalog each item in a collection, and arrange exclusive shipments, without co-loading of general commodities. Ensure that entire collections travel — and arrive safely — together for seamless installation.

  • Traveling exhibits: We use smart packing solutions and multimodal transportation to bring the most anticipated exhibits of rare artworks and iconic collections across local and worldwide locations.

  • Entire museums and galleries: Armstrong provides full project management support to museum and gallery relocation, from individualized packing and crating, to handling and loading, and stability throughout transportation.

Art Transport by Armstrong

Transport Solutions

Armstrong is a market leader in art logistics. Our team of art technicians, transport providers, and art consultants handle every step of the logistics process, from packing and crating, to expert handling, and transport. See our logistics expertise in action — on the road, in the water, across the skies to transport precious paintings and priceless artworks:

  • Heavy and specialist cargo: We transport large-format artworks and museum items packed with interior supports and exterior crates according to custom dimensions, delicate mediums, and other special characteristics.

  • Road: Armstrong operates sole-use, specialized art transport trucks without co-loading of general commodities, and equipped with temperature control to prevent climate damage, GPS tracking, air-ride suspension, stabilization and tie-downs, integrated alarms, and liftgates for loading and unloading.

  • Air and sea: For worldwide transportation, we coordinate multimodal transport with dedicated international carriers and forwarders, and provide airport supervision and airside access.

  • Courier services: We coordinate advanced booking and exclusive access to safe and reliable courier services, with hand-carry assistance for rare and fragile artefacts.