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Art Storage

Curators and collectors need art logistics professionals they can trust. Armstrong Fine Arts Services shares your passion for protecting art, and preserving it for generations to come.

Our art technicians are fully committed to the longevity and stability of fine art, passed down from generations, loaned to and from museums and galleries all over the world, and sitting in private collections for connoisseurs to cherish. To ensure this, you need state-of-the-art storage and security.

  • Climate-Controlled Storage

    Our storage facility is fully climate-controlled and climate-stable. We store all artworks at ideal temperatures of 20-22°C, with 50-55% air humidity to prevent humidity damage. Our guarantee is optimal storage conditions, with utmost stability and the highest standard of preservation to promote the longevity and survival of artworks throughout generations in history.

  • Shared Storage and Sole Vaults

    Armstrong offers utmost control and flexibility over your storage requirements. We offer options for both shared storage in vertical racks and sole storage vaults. We design a custom storage plan for your entire collection, and ensure that each piece is securely stored.

  • State-of-the-Art Security

    Our art storage facility is fully equipped with 24/7 CCTV monitoring, security alarms, an Early Fire Suppression Response (EFSR) system, and biometric access control to limit access only to authorized personnel, and clients to their own vaults. Our art technicians and storage consultants practice absolute discretion at every client touchpoint, and uphold the standards of data privacy for all items in our care.

  • Packing and Crating

    Our art technicians are trained in industry standard packing and crating techniques for artworks, antiques, and antiquities. We tailor our packing and crating techniques to each individual artwork’s requirements.

  • Viewing Room

    Armstrong’s storage facilities go beyond storage and safekeeping. We have expertly replicated a studio and museum or gallery environments — a single place for viewing, inspection, and even exclusive events. This reduces handling and risks in transport when collections would otherwise need to be brought to an external location.

    We offer private viewing rooms complete with museum-grade lighting for inspection and restoration. As well, our facility also features a secure showroom similar to galleries for PR events, photography shoots, and exclusive auctions. Manage your collections in a single, secure place.

  • Inventory

    Our promise is full transparency: monitor your collections with each scan for up-to-date information, and utmost peace-of-mind. Every piece of artwork we store is assigned a unique barcode and enrolled in our comprehensive inventory system. We track all important details, including title, provenance, dimensions, special characteristics, and storage location.

  • Short Term or Long Term Storage

    Make use of our technologically advanced, highly secure art storage solutions for either short term or long term periods – it all depends on your personal specifications.

  • Tailored storage solutions: We offer flexible, state-of-the-art long and short term storage options that best suit your collection. Our facility is equipped with vertical racks for shared storage, and private biometric access-controlled vaults for the most high-value assets.

  • Custom Crating Workshop: All of our logistics production is done in-house. We custom-fabricate packaging crates and interior supports in our case-making workshop using the highest quality materials and industry-standard production techniques.

  • High-value goods storage: Along with artworks, antiques, and antiquities, Armstrong offers leading storage and preservation solutions for other high-value goods, including prestigious wines.

Climate Control Technology

  • Trane Tracer network based automation for maximum HVAC control/monitoring
  • Hygro Clip2 & Flex5 Transmitters for accurate climate readings
  • Customized Trane HVAC units with Pure Water ES series electrical humidifiers
  • Web based remote monitoring and data logging
  • Dynamic V8 carbon matrix filtration system, locks in museum grade air quality

Fire & Flood Protection

  • VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus) prevents fire at earliest possible stage,
  • Wet pipe suppression systems as recommended by Canadian Conservation Institute
  • Emergency Response is 8 minutes from the facility
  • Trace Tek water detection system immediately detects & pinpoints possible leaks
  • VESDA & Trace Tek systems are consistently monitored

Security Fetaures

24 hour monitored security, site is permanently alarmed

Building within a building facility provides additional security

20 Cameras monitored internally & ability for external monitoring with 3- mpx full HD day/night network with 32GB SDHC card’s for fail-over recording

Vandal-proof dome housing with tamper-proof trigger

Night lights with 40m range, IR illuminator for each camera for night recording

Dedicated camera-only motion sensors for recording optimization

All storage vaults are fitted with 4th generation, Bio-metric (fingerprint) Scanner based access

Hidden door contacts with 360 degree and long range motion sensors

Access, intrusion detection systems are fully network enabled and software driven

Dedicated high speed internet with 10- mbps per second for smooth remote viewing

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Secure Art Storage

At Armstrong, logistics is our craft — and our seamless handling, installation, storage, and transport solutions a testament to our virtuoso. Our storage, handling, and production capabilities are unparalleled, paving the way for decades of logistics expertise honed by leading the preservation of priceless artworks, antiques, and antiquities through generations.

See what makes us uniquely Armstrong: artists first and logistics experts with a passion for safely handling, storing, and moving the most beloved and iconic fine art worldwide. Discover logistics excellence trusted by the most renowned museums, galleries, and collectors:


Where We’re Located

Local and International Gateways to Art

Conveniently located in the Toronto area, our facility is accessible to major gateways to the Canadian art market, and the city’s vibrant art scene. Our proximity to the Pearson International Airport and major rail and shipping depots puts us only minutes away from major museums like the Art Gallery of Ontario and the Royal Ontario Museum and renowned collectors, and gateways to the international art community.