Trusted by Museums, Art Galleries and Collectors

At Armstrong Fine Art Services we install anywhere from a single piece to an entire collection with great care and precision.

The Armstrong promise is a turn-key art installation service. Our highly-trained and certified professional art technicians are dedicated to careful handling and precise installation of the most prized collections of paintings, sculptures, photographs, and antiques.

With over forty years of logistics expertise combined with our passion for art, Armstrong is a trusted partner of Canada’s most renowned museums, galleries, and collectors.


Fine Art. Fine Details.

Our Complete Art Installation Service

  • We install all types of artworks

    We handle and mount paintings, drawings, sculptures, photographs, antiques, and other collectibles with care, in time for both indoor and outdoor display, collection unveiling, exhibit opening, or site inauguration.

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  • We are trusted by art institutions and the fine art community

    Armstrong is a trusted logistics partner of the most renowned museums and galleries. We assist art galleries, private and corporate collectors, art fair organizers, and governing entities for public spaces curate and install artworks as part of their cultural stewardship mandate.

  • We use professional equipment

    Our array of industry-grade equipment includes ladders, scissor lifts, scaffolding, cranes, gantries, and security hardware. For large-format artworks, we also use rigging techniques, including crane hoisting, stair carries, helicopter hoisting, and suspension. We complete each project with uncrating, debris removal, and recycling.

  • We install on all types of surfaces

    Whether your gallery or exhibition space is made of drywall, tile, concrete, wood, or paneling, or located above the stairway, we’ve got you covered. We ensure a damage-free and secure installation.


Mount Your Exhibit the Armstrong Way

From Installation to Opening Night

Whether it’s a single artwork or an entire museum collection, Armstrong is fully equipped to mount each work and launch its debut for public and private viewing. Our guarantee is full-scale project management with a complete understanding of every artwork’s value, provenance, and special characteristics — professional appreciation that translates to specialized logistics.

  • Mounting and Installation

    Armstrong installs and dismounts all types and sizes of artworks, from framed canvases, to free-standing sculptures and 3D installations. With expertise in both art and logistics, our art technicians execute each installation according to the special handling requirements of every irreplaceable piece.

  • Project Management

    At Armstrong, our guarantee is a turn-key art installation service. Our team of fine art and logistics experts map out and execute every aspect of your upcoming exhibition.

    Our careful process begins with a site inspection to assess the nature and complexity of the installation, followed by complete coordination of all the required permits, move-in schedules, and site preparations for a fast and secure installation.

  • Relocations and Renovations

    We also offer full-scale art installations as part of museum and gallery relocations and renovations. Trust Armstrong’s complete project management solution, from site preparation and relocation coordination, to dismount and installation. Our art technicians collaborate with curators to catalog your entire collection and ensure a seamless transition from storage and between locations.

  • Bespoke Packaging and Crating

    Our complete art installation service includes individualized crating of all artworks. We secure each piece using bespoke, custom crates produced in our Canadian Wood Packaging Certification Program (CWPCP) certified art storage and production facility.

    Whether an artwork is set for dismount and disassembly in preparation for relocation, or it’s a new acquisition transported to a museum or gallery, we ensure the stability of every piece throughout the process. Our guarantee is professional handling and installation for the preservation of valued collections.

Secure Art Installations by Armstrong

Partners in Art Exhibition, Curation, and Preservation

  1. Consultation: Our team of art technicians and logistics experts work with you to conduct a full needs assessment and site inspection. Tell us about your handling and installation requirements, the scope of the project, and your exhibition timeline. We deliver a complete project plan and schedule for a smooth and successful execution.

  2. Site preparations: We perform advance work prior to the scheduled installation. Our team inspects the site, measures the artworks and installation sites, secures required permits, and ensures that our rigging equipment is in peak condition. We conduct due diligence at every step of the process to ensure a smooth and secure installation.

  3. Installation: Armstrong delivers a turn-key art installation service. We manage the entire scope of the project, whether it’s a single or multi-artwork installation, as well as a permanent or traveling installation. Our art technicians are committed to professionalism and the preservation of every piece, from assembly and installation, to dismount and further logistics coordination.or it’s a new acquisition transported to a museum or gallery, we ensure the stability of every piece throughout the process